Angel Billabong Beach Is A Beautiful Pool Made By Nature Beside The Beach In Nusa Penida Island

Angel Billabong Beach is located in Banjar Sumpang, Bunga Mekar Village, Nusa Penida Island, Bali. This tourist spot is adjacent to Pasih Uug Beach. To get to this tourist destination you have to go to Banjar Sumpang and ask lots of questions to local residents because the location is still quite difficult to find. The winding streets and natural countryside will accompany you during the trip.

According to local people the name of the Angel Billabong come from mythic story if this place is place for Angel bath, so this place is often called Angel Billabong. Angel's which means angel. What means this place is Bidadari, Nusa Penida. And the word billabong in English means the end. The end of a river that is dead-end, this occurs when the direction of the river branched out and one end was deadlocked.

The Angel Billabong is a natural rock lagoon with beautiful scenic seascape located in the shore that offer amazing view, this place is often visited by foreign or local tourists to enjoy the beautiful scenery. You can go down and see from near the beauty of this nature form rock and also you can swim in this nature lagoon if the water is low tide, if water high tide is not allowed to go down to the lagoon

This pool is the final estuary of the Nusa Penida River which is crushed by coral cliffs before reaching the open sea. Located in the middle of the reef that is split and in the middle forms a pond. The water in this pond is from rivers and the high seas which are separated by coral cliffs and directly adjacent to the Angel’s Billabong pool. When the tide rises, sea water will enter this pond. So if you swim here you have to be careful and see the tides of the sea.