Broken Beach Is A Beautiful Beach With Nature Land Collapsed Making A Hole On The Beach

Broken beach or better known as Pasih Uug by local residents, located at Bunga Mekar Village, Nusa Penida Islands. It was said with broken beach because there was a large hole caused by a landslide down which made a hole in the beach, this hole made the scenery very beautiful and this place was often used for photography and film. Many domestic and foreign tourists visit this place, just to enjoy the amazing scenery and also to be taken to take pictures with a backdrop of broken beach

As for the history of Broken beach based on stories from local residents living around this place where it is told that one time a large snake entered the village, local residents were shocked and threatened because they feared that someone would get injured by this snake, the locals would gather residents to kill this large snake, and the meat is cut and divided - to the villagers around this place. In the afternoon they were visited by an old grandfather in dirty clothes to the village and the parents knew what they were doing was catching a snake and killing him, and this old man told him not to kill the snake.

So that they should not be careless and repeat again killing a snake and cutting it up to distribute it. Getting the advice, instead of the banjar residents accepting it, instead yelled and did not accept the old man's accusations. The next story is told to prove who is right and wrong, whether this old man's accusation is correct or the acknowledgment of the banjar residents is wrong, the old man's mate also took out a coconut leaf stick, and after that he stuck it into the ground. Then the old man said to the residents, who were the residents of the banjar who were able to pull out the stick, he admitted that they had been honest with him.

After explaining this, the residents of the banjar competed, one by one trying to pull the stick out of the ground. And the results arrived with the last person from the banjar residents who tried, apparently none of the residents managed to pull it out. Finally the old man said, that they had not told the truth to him that they had killed a large snake this afternoon. Furthermore, in the midst of the confusion of the residents of the banjar, the old man pulled out the sticks he had planted into the ground. A moment later a strange incident happened to the village, that is, from the traces of sticks stuck in the ground spurted out the water very quickly.

The seawater around Pasih Uug was turbulent, and hit the land until it collapsed under pressure from the earth along with their homes. The presence of the old man after the incident disappeared, along with the disappearance of the residents with his village. None of the residents survived at that time, except the residents who were going out of the area.

The attraction of broken beach tourism is the cliff scenery beneath the sea and calm sea waves, making the atmosphere more cool, the fresh sea breeze and the sound of the waves like natural music that becomes your friend. many tourists who come here just to meditate or look for an atmosphere of tranquility and peace on the beach