Diamond Beach Is An Eastern Nusa Penida Beautiful Beach

Diamond Beach is located in Banjar Pelilit, Panjungutan Village, Nusa Penida Islands, the location is close to the Atuh beach, while this beach is as beautiful as the beach where it is surrounded by large cliffs and some coral reefs on the beach that make the scenery amazing, many domestic and foreign tourists visit this place to enjoy the beautiful views of the beach or just swim on the beach. To go to the beach steps are taken down to the bottom, not suitable for people with asthma or pregnant people.

This beach is in the eastern part of the island and just been opened to the public. Actually, the beach has been around for a long time because the location is still in one Pulau Seribu area which has other destinations such as the Tree House of Molenteng and Atuh Beach. Many tourists also take advantage of the background of the beauty of the beach from above to be used as a photo spot.

Over time, the access road down the cliffs of Diamond Beach began to open since 2018. The road was made by local residents by cutting a hill wall 25 meters high. This road is to make it easier for tourists to visit the beach. Down the local stairs requires extra stamina for children and the elderly. According to local residents, before the road access to Diamond Becah was opened, residents were very difficult to get to the shore. Because it is very risky, only the surrounding people dare to go down, usually for fishing. Previously, tourists could only enjoy the scenery of Diamond Beach from the top of a cliff, now it can go down to the shoreline.

Origin Of Diamond Beach Name

As the name implies, Diamond Beach presents beautiful views of the cliffs and certainly will spoil your eyes with its panorama. There is a pointed rocky cliff like a diamond, because the shape of the diamond, then the local residents here named this place as Daimond Beach. Besides the rock shapes diamond on this beach lay white sand with clear water, many tourists come here to swim or just take photos with a background of diamond beach