Teletubbies Hill Is A Beautiful Hill With Shapes Simillar To The Hill In Teletubbies Movie

Teletubbies Hill is a tourist attraction in the eastern area of ​​Nusa Penida, where this tourist attraction offers a very beautiful hill view, where the shape of the hill is shaped like hills in teletubis films with round shapes and green grass, because the shape is similar to the shape of a hill in the teletubis film, the locals call this hill the name teletubies hill. in this place the hill is not just one but there are several hills that are the same shape as the teletubbies hill, truly a very beautiful and amazing scenery, suitable as a backdrop of photography. The green grass and cool atmosphere make this trip more enjoyable, Enjoy an incomparable view of the beauty of this place, our driver will always help you capture the moment with the camera in this place.

Teletubbies Hill or Bukit Teletubbies people call it. This hill is located in Julingan hamlet, Tangglad village, Nusa Penida. Naming of the hill starts from the spontaneity of the tourists who come to this Nusa Penida cheap tour package object. Finally the locals usually call this place the Teletubbies Hill. This hill is shaped like a hill on Teletubbies dolls. Maybe because of the similarity of the shape it is called the Teletubbies hill.

Sometimes they pause to see the scenery on this hill. It would be nice if it came not in the dry season in the middle of the day because it would be very hot and there was no shelter area there. Come in the morning or evening only. Previously, the Teletubbies hill was called the gamal tree hill which was an area for planting gamal trees to eat livestock from local residents.

When examined carefully, these hills do resemble the Eskimo Houses as well as the Teletubbies House. Half a prone ball in the hilly area of ​​Nusa Penida. The distance of the hills is about 25 km from the port of the village of Kutampi to the east hills. Actually the Nusa Penida hill is the same as the other hills in Nusa Penida, which is thin limestone land. But because it grows a lot of green trees it becomes very interesting